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Phone words are telephone numbers that spell a word, otherwise known as phone names.

Using the alphabetical characters printed beneath the numbers 2 to 9 on a telephone keypad, phone words are created by dialing a number that corresponds with the letters in a word:

For example: 1300 872 835 = 1300 TRAVEL

Unlike SMS, you only need to press the number that corresponds with the letter once. 1300 numbers are easy to remember!

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Experience the benefits of phonewords

No matter what your business does or how big your business is, phone words can benefit you! That’s because phone words improve every aspect of your company’s marketing, whether it’s:

  • Word of mouth advertising
  • Basic promotions (letterhead, business cards, company merchandise)
  • Print marketing (yellow pages, local paper, brochures, flyers, direct mail)
  • Internet (Google Adwords, Yahoo)
  • Large scale advertising (truck signage, billboards)
  • Radio
  • Television

A phone word name increases customer recall of your telephone number and that results in more calls.

In fact, research shows phonewords can increase advertising effectiveness by up to 300% and generate up to 14 times more calls than an ordinary number!1

More calls = more sales = more profit!

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