Benefits of National Phonewords

1. More calls, mean more business

Phonewords work because a word is easier to remember than a number, and when you have a limited amount of time to impart your number to a customer, memorability counts. Think how long the average radio advertisement lasts and how much of that time is dedicated to reciting the number (about 5 seconds!).

By using a phoneword you make it easy for customers to remember you and call you first. More calls mean more sales, more business and more profit!

2. Increase the power of your marketing

Phonewords increase sales by dramatically increasing advertising response rates.

In fact, overseas studies have shown that when used in:

  • Print advertising phonewords can generated up to 6 times more calls.
  • Television advertising phonewords can generated up to 5 times more calls.
  • Radio advertising phonewords can generated up to 14 times more calls.3

When you compare the cost of a phoneword with the increase in advertising response rates they can deliver, phonewords are one of the cheapest and most effective marketing tools your business can invest in!

3. Cut out the competition

A phonewords makes your number much easier to remember, this means existing and new customers can call you without searching for your number. So customers don’t need to trawl the yellow pages or internet and be exposed to your competitors advertising!

By using a quality phoneword your customers call you first and that’s a serious competitive edge.

4. Australian companies using phonewords are benefiting right now

More than 10,000 companies and 28 of the top 50 advertiser in Australia use a phoneword and those numbers are growing by the day!

Most importantly, those companies are already seeing big benefits from their investment. Here are some examples:

  • Mortgage Choice adopted a phoneword in February 2007 and have experienced a 1% increase in new leads every week. Click here for a copy of their media release.
  • Motor Finance Wizard adopted the phoneword 1300 CAR LOAN in January 2006 and it is now receiving more than 10,000 calls per month.  
  • A Sydney based rubbish removal service adopted the phoneword 1300 RUBBISH in late 2005, they are now a national company and the fastest growing franchise in Australia.
  • 1800 REVERSE commenced operation in October 2000, within 4 years its profits had skyrocketed to $15 million per annum. It is now listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with a market capitalisation of over $270 million!

Click here to see recent media articles about phonewords.

5. Viral or “word of mouth” marketing

Australians are great at recommending business's; the only problem is a friend’s recommendation is often forgotten when there is no easy way to remember the businesses contact details.

Phonewords solve this problem by allowing people to easily recommend your business and provide an almost unforgettable telephone number!

6. Exclusivity

A quality phoneword gives your business status and prestige. It sets your business apart as professional and reputable.

Customers strongly associate quality phonewords with companies they know and trust – just look at the companies presently using phonewords click here to see Phonewords in action.

7. Establish your phoneword and then spend less on advertising

Phonewords are one of the few marketing tools that allow you to spend less advertising dollars the more they are used!

By using your phoneword in all of your marketing and business stationery you will quickly establish your phoneword in your customer’s mind. Once your phoneword is established you can spend less on advertising to achieve the same number of calls and sales!

8. Call routing and reporting

Phonewords have all the benefits of standard national telephone numbers. This means you can route calls to offices in different geographic locations or by time of day. You can also receive detailed call management reports about where your calls originate and how quickly they are answered or unanswered.

This allows you to track the response to your advertising and make informed decisions about call routing, staffing and marketing.

Unlike most of your existing marketing, a phoneword's results can be tracked almost instantaneously!

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