By using a Phoneword your customers call you first and that's a serious competitive edge


Benefits of Shared Use Phonewords

1. Phonewords work generally and generic phonewords are even more effective

The benefits of phonewords in advertising and response rates are proven. Click here to see to the Benefits of National Phonewords. A generic phoneword which spells the name of your industry is even more effective because when people think of your products or services, they think of your number.

2. Value for money

Fees for shared use phonewords are generally lower than national use phonewords and they are the ultimate word for your industry! Why pay for what you don’t need? Shared use phonewords give you all the benefits of national use phonewords without the cost.

3. Exclusivity

Imagine controlling the generic domain name for your entire industry such as - every hit on that website would come to you. A phoneword from 1300 Phonewords operates in exactly the same way.

You hold the exclusive right to receive calls to your phoneword in your area. This effectively shuts out your competition, because only one company can have the right to receive calls in your particular area.

4. Small business with a big business presence

You may only have one office with a small number of staff, but a phoneword which is descriptive of your entire industry gives you an edge over the competition – even the competition using a Phoneword!

An ultra-premium phoneword distinguishes your company as a major competitor in your industry and that is something customers notice.

5. Customers may forget your name, but not your number

Your business is built around your brand. Unfortunately, few businesses have the advertising budgets required to build their brand into a household name such as McDonalds or Coca Cola.

However, you can have a phone number which is already a household name by using a generic phoneword such as 1300 RADIATOR or 1300 REALESTATE.

This means that long after customers have forgotten about you, they will remember your number.

6. Partners in numbers

When you acquire the right to use a shared use number you not only receive an ultra-premium Phoneword, you also have the benefit of other companies promoting the same number in their own area. This means that potential customers are exposed to your phone number in places where your advertising doesn't reach.

For example, when people travel on business or holidays they may see the number 1300 REALESTATE. When they return from travel they may dial that number and reach you without ever having seen your advertising!

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